Site Construction

Site ConstructionAt Southern Cross Communications, our professional telecommunications constructors work to deliver superior construction, installation and maintenance for cellular sites supported by quality and coordinated service.

We provide our customers with comprehensive planning and seamless coordination for all aspects of resourceful site construction and civil works including:

  • Site Clearing and Leveling
  • Earthworks
  • Tower Grounding
  • Cell Tower Construction & Erection
  • Supply and Installation of fully equipped shelters delivering electricity, air conditioning and security protection
  • Supply and Commissioning of Generators
  • Site Fencing and Protection

Southern Cross Communications professional telecommunications constructors have deployed over 3,500 cellular sites in North America.  We offer a single point of communication ensuring to meet all customer requests on time and within budget.

Quality execution and excellence are delivered to meet all telecom towers needs:

  • concrete/steel monopole
  • guyed towers
  • self supported
  • rooftop
  • stealth
  • co-location